Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm not fancy enough to have people beating down my door (metaphorically) and emailing me to design/pretty-up my site (literally), so sorry for the annoying "this photo is no longer available" posts where my cute wallpaper used to be. I learned how to change the background to my blog ONCE BEFORE, isn't that enough? And I'm too impatient this week to relearn it. Aren't I glamourous? Do you want to hear about how I clean my bathroom? I have three steps. . . I'm just kidding. That's classified, special information I'll save for my book.

No, I'm not writing a book. (Or AM I? I'm so mysterious!)

But I did get a new hairdo for the Spring. Yes, I am a predictably female and getting my hair done makes me feel better on the inside, too (not so mysterious now). And here I thought I had Seasonal Disorder (SAD), but turns out I forgot to cut or color my hair for 6 months! Whoops!

I haven't had short hair for a long time, and I forgot you have to "do" it. No more ponytails. Wow--this could be a WILD SPRING! I had enough energy to sign some kids up for Spring Soccer and Track. I don't know if I'll be able to go through with it, but signing up is good intention enough for today.


  1. Love the new hair! (Maybe Miles can fix your background problem!)

  2. Love it-glad you put up a pic, I was just about to ask for one!

  3. I think that you and the new hair look amazing. I chopped off all my hair last fall and had the same realization about no more ponytails, that was sad. It's growing back out again, but your hair looks so cute I might just have to get back on the shorter hair wagon.

  4. I'm afraid of saying just how much I love your hair because I don't want you to get a complex about your old hair being bad. But the new "do" is seriously meant for you!

  5. Gorgeous hair!
    I can make your blog look just as gorgeous!

  6. Be careful with those good intentions. It's still going to snow.

  7. Call me. I know how to fix your background. It's easy. Luff you. LUFF your HAIR. MUAH.

  8. Found ya over at C Jane and I think I'm in love! ;-)

    OK so maybe not love, but you are pretty darn funny and also, you still manage to get your hair cut and colored and you have 5 kids?! I only have two of the little monkeys, and I'm doing good if I remember to change out of my pajamas most days. Kidding. Mostly.

    Anyway, HI!