Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obligatory Easter Pictures of My Children (even though you didn't ask)

I can never get a picture of them all together. These are my children on Easter:
This is Phoebe wearing a baptism dress my mom made. I love it because it matches her eyes.
Margaret won't look at the camera and smile. This is the best I could get. She is naturally suspicious, as the youngest of brothers and a sister who like to tease.
You guys, beauty takes time and prep: curlers, sunglasses, Tweety body soap, and candy, specifically.
I know I'm not objective, but these are some good-looking kids! Owen always manages to beat himself up before picture-heavy days (Specifically: school picture day, Christmas, Easter, and Mother's Day). It's a gift.
She's the only one who will let me take her picture and doesn't try to sabotage it at the last minute, so she gets an extra photo.

This is what my kids normally look like (the above photos were only a blip in time before it all fell apart):
Hughie Dewey Luey
Miles with his "signature style piece--"the smelly striped hat.

Margot. . . looking for the Easter Bunny. She was enchanted by the whole idea of a bunny (animal) leaving her presents (candy) for fun (a game!) All her favorite things.


  1. Cute, cute, cute, all of them! Margaret's suspicious looks are the best, though!

  2. Oh they are growing up! I love Margaret in her sunglasses and curlers, very cool!

  3. So cute. We had about the same experience with our kids easter pictures. We also tried to take them in the 2 min before we would be late for church. Smart. Why don't kids realize how much joy it would bring to us if they would just stand still and smile for 15 seconds? It's the simple joys...

  4. My babies! (I mean YOUR babies!) Handsome and beautiful as ever.

  5. That Phoebe is a class act (pearls).

  6. I used to wonder why there were so many pictures in our family photo album of us all dressed up for church. Now I understand the parental compulsion for documenting having all the kids dressed up and ready at the same time. If someone made getting kids ready for a semi formal event (with the end result being a good picture) an Olympic sport, I would watch that. Your kids are all beautiful (and handsome, respectively.)

  7. I love the girl's adorable sponge curler curls (they are the BEST!) and the precious pic of your boys together. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Learning that Margaret and I share the same beauty routine was the biggest surprise for me on this one.

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