Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Continuing the Conversation

Well, maybe some of you have come over from my other blog, which is no more.

The best part of contributing on a group blog is having an online conversation. I, maybe, might, sometimes, on occasion, be accused of talking "too much," but I see that as my deep love to communicate and interact with other people on a real, authentic level. I talk to discover their stories, the phrases and quirks that make them "them," and to extract meaning and humor from their lives. I talk because I am.

And now it's gone.

I know, not the internet, not the "conversation," but my conversation. OUR conversation. And, I will mourn the loss of it.

Kristy describes the exciting story of the demise of LRS here, (which makes me wonder, if I've been officially "fired" for the first time in my life, does this mean I have "street cred?" all the kids are talkin' about?) and, as Emily says here, "We fear change." Kacy, on the other hand, is considering other careers.

In my effort to continue the conversation, whether I was asked or not, it's really doesn't matter, if history is any indication, I have a few things to say:

Kacy, here are the jobs I think I would enjoy, but would require a lot of talents I do not have, as well as a tremendous amount of specialization, education, training, and sacrifice:

"Color" predictor
Industrial Designer of home products
Jazz Singer
Outdoor landscape designer
Nasa Publicist
CEO of a Beauty Product Company

Emily, I'm serving the young women in my ward, and that's exactly the kind of change I fear. To be more specific, I fear this calling and all that it requires. But I'm clinging to the silver lining which is, at least it's not scouting.
Kristy, I will start wearing more black. Today. Kisses! XOXO
Oh, and Kacy, your dream day is eerily similar to mine, only I would include what I would eat for every meal in my list (divinity is in the details).


  1. Why don't you girls do your site on blogspot? Who says you can continue? Do it. Yay!

  2. You've got more street cred than a drug pusher. Not to mention you have more followers than I do, but who's counting? :)

  3. I, for one, am glad you are back.

    Hope Margaret didn't ruin Mystic Mauve.
    but if she did
    I will cry with you.

  4. As a man, I feel much more comfortable commenting here.

  5. Not to be rude, but I don't think you'd be a very good astronaut. They wear jumpsuits, Lisa. Have you thought this through?

  6. I know, but if you reread my preface, I clearly state I will need extensive TRAINING to be an astronaut. And NASA will need to spend millions developing a lipstick holder attached to my jumpsuit, and proper lipstick formula that will do well in space. Millions.

  7. Funny, isn't it. As infrequently as I posted over there, it did feel like a conversation and I do feel the loss. But not as much as I would if you didn't have a blog of your own on which we could still converse regularly.

  8. Those links are hilarious. :)