Friday, December 10, 2010

My master plan is in the advanced stages

Oh, so Fall came and went. Summer's over, then there was Fall and now, because there's snow on the ground and Target sends me seven emails a day about free shipping, I know that Christmas is close. The kids are all in school and doing stuff, so it's all a blur to me. But I have these great pictures I want to have so when I have time in my old age to look at and remind myself of what I was always complaining about being so busy with I will remember (because I suspect I might lose my mind sometime in the near future if the present trend of losing the remote is any indication).

Hugh played soccer. He was dedicated (to getting treats at the end) and enjoyed playing (in mud puddles with his friends about 100 yards from the field).

Phoebe started taking ballet with some of her cousins.

They're delicate little flowers who talk me into buying them ice cream after lessons. Let's face it, it doesn't take much to convince me, but I play my role. Oh, I play my role. I have introduced these girls to: Dairy Queen, Dilly Bars, Dipped cones, and Slurpees, and count these collective introductions into their palate and vocabulary as my single greatest accomplishment as an Aunt.

The neighborhood kids like to play at our house. That's a blessing and a curse, isn't it? Inclement weather doesn't slow these guys down. I'm rethinking the Nerf guns I bought for Christmas last year. Definitely rethinking.

Owen played football in the Fall and they kept winning, so I felt bad hoping they wouldn't win so I could stay home and be warm. Those games were cold, but he came home really dirty and tired, which is part of my greater, somewhat evil, plan.

Margaret is focusing on "being awesome" and doing a great job at it. Just recently, she has decided that she is a pink kitty named "Pickles" and meows at us day and night. She still thinks wearing underwear "is gross," but she's fine with sitting in her own filth. Yeah, so, logic's on my side, but it's not much of what I'd call "practical help."

And me? (thanks for asking) I welcome any and all "practical help."