Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars

Maybe you watched the Oscars last night. Maybe you're like my family and you're not sure when the Superbowl is or whose playing, but you know who will win for best actor, and who should win. Then maybe you'd be like my family.

I don't have strong opinions about who won and who didn't. Topher and I agreed that as long as Avatar didn't win best picture, we'd be okay with the results, whatever they may be. And we weren't disappointed.

What fascinated me most about the Oscars were three things:

1. "Tight on the top, ruffle-heavy on the bottom" is the Oscar theme of 2010.

2. I really think Charlize Theron should have rethought this:

Flowers? Pastries? What? There? Too obvious? What?

3. I think it's really interesting that James Cameron and his exwife, Katheryn Bigelow, were both up for best director
Apparently they divorced after Cameron had an affair with an actress on the Titanic (the movie, not the ship), who he is still with today. Other sources suggest he was a workaholic, and that's why the marriage didn't work. It's not for me to say (I tell myself). But here's the zinger: They all sat next to each other during the Oscars! (AWKward)
I kept thinking, they're all handling this really well, good for them. But then Cameron, when he lost to Bigelow, clapped a little toooo excitedly for Bigelow, and that made sense to me. You know the cameras are on, Cameron. Well played, Cameron, well played. (Even though I wanted Bigelow to wear more lipstick) I think she's incredibly beautiful, and it made me feel like women who have been left in one way or another, everywhere, were vindicated a little. I mean, she made an awesome movie with less money, less press, and less help in less time than the spectacle that is Avatar, and she won! I mean, she won.


  1. Lisa
    first of all I totally agree about Charlize's dress, that is just tacky.

    Next- you may be the only one who can help with this...I don't have the end of the academy awards recorded! Yikes- this happens to me every year. I fall asleep, but feel safe because it's recorded but they always go over and I am left without seeing the best part of the Ocsars live. I am just left with online clips. My recording ended just as the best actors were being talked to by their fellow actors setting up the scene. Since you are so savvy maybe you know where I can find it? If not you can shed a tear for me instead.

  2. I thought the theme was "A Nod to Old Hollywood Glamour."

    There was definitely a ruffle dress going on. And lots of muted colors - it must be the recession.

    I had officially seen 3 movies nominated for anything:
    District 9
    Star Trek

    so I didn't feel like I could really comment on the whole Cameron/Bigelow thing. But I do know that I was annoyed that in the press she was always referred to as James Cameron's ex-wife. As if that was the defining characteristic of her career. They were married for like 2 years.

    My friend Liz suggested we refer to him as "Katherine Bigelow's ex-husband." I agree.

  3. Actually James Cameron was married to Linda Hamilton when he had an affair with Suzy Amis (the woman he's currently married to). He may have cheated on Katherine Bigelow with Linda Hamilton during Termintor, but not with Suzy Amis. It really makes no difference in the end, but there you have it.

    But I totally agree with every else. And Charlize's dress felt like a couture tribute to the whipped cream bikini - it made me really uncomfortable.

  4. Ah, I was relieved to know someone ELSE felt awkward and uncomfortable with them sitting a row apart like that. At one point Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin actually brought it to everyone's attention. Ugh...

    I agree about Charlize. We all know they're there.

  5. But did it bug you that they mostly went back to the old boring format? Was I the only one that liked the way they did things last year? Steve and Alec were stilted and dull. . . and no one seemed excited about anything. . . Or was I just projecting?

  6. James Cameron should wear more hair.

  7. Kelly, technologically savvy, I am not. I WILL shed a tear for you. . .
    Rachel, I appreciate the detail. I fly off the handle sometimes, and it's good to get all the facts. In the end, it doesn't matter. . . or does it?

    James Cameron should wear more hair, and his avatars should wear cornrows in theirs.

  8. I like that we're back to saying "THE WINNER IS..." Instead of the insipid "and the Oscar goes to..."

  9. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice how everybody's hair looked trashed when they were presenting onstage? Somebody needed Oprah's lighting crew.

  10. YES! Did you notice that it looked like SarahJessicaParker didn't brush her hair--she had all these flyaways? Lighting or stylist malfunction?

  11. How about Sarah Jessica Parker and her blotchy fake tan?
    Did anyone else notice that Miley Cirus has the worse posture...especially wearing that dress. Her mamma should have looked her over once.

  12. I'm with you Older but wiser - Completely agree on Miley's posture. She needs to stand up straight and get those shoulders back. I called my boys in to explain why posture is important.

    And completely agree on SJP. Not only was the tan terrible, but she looked too skinny. On the E! Red Carpet show before hand (my guilty pleasure) I thought she looked way too skinny with her collar bones jutting out and pinched face. And I love her. I was sad.

  13. Isn't it time we sent Sarah Jessica Parker to the glue factory?