Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do I schedule an appointment for the child therapist now, or do I wait for other "warning signs?"

On Sunday, after a marathon Young Women Meeting ("Superhero theme" for New Beginnings, if you're dying to know!), I came home to find my kids each doing the activity that best describes them at this time in their lives: Miles reading on the couch, Margaret dancing (versus napping), Phoebe drawing, Owen building legos, and Hugh showing me THIS:

Look closely, now. That's an army of stuffed animals with individual weapons. And, as Hugh explains "They're COMING FOR YOU!"

That's a princess build a bear with a nerf sword. I'm guessing the glasses are for precision.

This is a cute beanie baby Owen got as a baby in the hospital from his uncle who had just come home from his mission, aiming his nerf gun at a stuffed cougar we got Margaret on vacation because we missed her so much. I'm glad we can make new memories with these cute animals!

For some reason, this is the most chilling scene: a parrot with a baseball bat. This image haunts me.

I mean, look at the evil. It's in his eye.


  1. Tell Hugh I am impressed, I think he's cool, and there's a giant lifesaver for him in my pure.

  2. I love how the beanie baby is even in the army man position sneaking around the corner ready to attack!

    Seriously, I'm going to have nightmares about that parrot with the bat.

  3. This is so awesome. I only have girls so we don't get a lot of weapon play around here. Although I have found more that one Barbie hanging by their legs by (my very expensive craft) ribbons over railings and such. Often in states of undress. Not sure what that means and not sure if I want to know.

  4. Dear Lisa,

    I'm coming out of lurking to comment. I've been reading you on LRS and now your own blog. You're cute and funny. I love all you Clarks - yes, I read CJane and NieNie, as well. I really do KNOW Courtney - she taught with my daughter at Sunsetview back in the day.

    Your post today made me laugh outloud!

    Keep it coming!

    my blog: jprserenity.blogspot.com

  5. Lisa,
    I'm loving your blog! I'm also jealous you have so many followers. Hugh will be a mastermind for the FBI one day, I just know it.

  6. Lisa
    I loved this post! This is what it's like to live with a household of boys. You better watch your back, that parrot is spooky indeed.

  7. Oh Hugh! I've always thought stuffed animals were creepy!

  8. Awesome. I totally want Hugh on my team when the giant 50 foot radioactive killer ants take over (my parents watched a lot of the sci-fi channel when we were growing up). And the parrot has to come too.

    And tell your husband he stinks for taking his blog down. And at Halloween time, too! That's just not right. I imagined a Halloween interview with Edward from Twilight or something like that.

    Seriously, I always thought you two had the best blogs. I mean, I'm a stay at home mom, so in between laundry and snotty noses I've got to get a laugh in somewhere!

  9. Thanks! Topher has only temporarily taken down his blog. He enjoyed writing it so much that he is using it as incentive to finish his dissertation. Once he's done (cross your fingers August, cross your fingers August!), he'll start it up again!

  10. i love you. and your blog. and your kids.

  11. Great post! Don't worry about the counseling, it will take care of itself! I should know. I tried banning guns and weapons around the house and the kids just made their own with sticks and rocks! All in all, I think nerf is a little more healthy! (less stitches that way!)

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your kids are fantasgreat. And thanks for returning to the blogosphere. It needs you.

  13. Maybe we should put EG into the same room as Hugh. EG can make his devil noise sounds while Hugh sets up the stuffed animal army.

    I'm going to go hide in the closet now.

  14. I usually am not able to post comments (stupid phone) but this one was worth coming home and pulling up the old computer. Hugh is my favorite. I love his attention to detail (and the critical thinking involved...he really is an evil genius....).

    I am so glad you are back. Since I am a terrible friend and I don't call very often, I feel like I get my Lisa fix this way... :-)

  15. That kid will be something really big one day. Hopefully he'll use his powers for good.

    Oh, and I am excited for your husband's blog to possibly be up again. Fingers crossed.

  16. I love Hugh so much. So MUCH.

  17. Good to read other boys work this way...we had "sniper fire" from the upstairs during dinner.