Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The other night Margaret woke up at 2 am, screaming. As a rule, I'm a firm believer in letting kids "cry it out" at night, because all my parenting abilities and theories hinge around "sleep." (and save the comments about how you don't agree with this kind of parenting because a. this is my 5th child b. it's worked and all my kids are good sleepers and they still love me c. I'm not shopping around for other techniques) Anywho. . . she wouldn't give up, and she sounded wide awake, and I was, so I went in and asked my two year old, "What's the matter?" Margaret reached up and said

"Snuggle?" I couldn't resist. She was so pathetic and cute, so we had a snuggle, rocked for a little bit, and then I put her to bed. "Drink?" she asked, hesitantly, like a last request. . . so I got her a quick drink of water and tucked her into bed.
"Purple?" and "pink?" were added (blankets with original names) with a "one, two, three" dramatic draping. All snuggled in.
Then she asked for "Julie and Sally?" her twin dolls. Safely tucked under each arm I told her I loved her and quietly tip toed toward my escape.
She looked up with a bit of panic she didn't want to fully reveal and said, "Drink?"
"No, you've already had one. Good night." I replied.
"Nope. Dinner's over. Go to bed!"
"No! Everyone's asleep!"
"Uh," stalling for one final request. . .thinking of something, anything I can't resist, she comes up with "Washa my hands?" and holds up her hands towards her face with desperation in her eyes.
"No. Tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll wash your hands. . .now go to bed!"

and she did.


  1. So cute! Reminds me of when my first of six was about that age (along time ago), had been put to bed and then she came out of her room for the umpteenth time. We'd already done the drink thing, etc, etc. I was sure she had exhausted every plausible excuse for not going to bed and she had because as I stared at her for an explanation she furtively glanced around the room and came up with some ridiculous excuse like she needed to turn off a lamp that was in the room she had just come into!! Kids are so creative and smart!! Thanks for the reminder! What a precious memory you have recorded!

  2. I can't believe you denied the child a "washa my hands"! Crying it out I believe in, but allowing sleepy germs I almost can't deal with....(you don't know me well enough - you might not catch that I'm joking...please don't think I'm "one of THOSE people".)

  3. Love it! We all go through that with them "not able to sleep!" Some of us have a harder time saying "NO" though. Believe me, by the time my last one was finally out of my bed, I heartily wished I had been as wise as you are!

  4. I tried this approach with Cory last night. He didn't buy it either.

  5. Once my four year old came out of bed and told me he needed me to clip his fingernails. I obliged seeing as under normal circumstances he runs screaming from me when I bring out the nail clippers.

  6. Crying it out is where it's at.

  7. 'Washa my hands' is my new favorite phrase.

  8. Wash my hands. I am going to try that tonight when Christopher makes me go to bed.

  9. "She never says no to washa my hands--what's going on?"

  10. This post was hilarious to me. What a cute little daughter. I especially enjoyed "washa my hands." :)