Thursday, April 22, 2010

Up and Away

In a few moments, I'll be off to Nashville! The plane ride itself will give me some quiet time on the plane to read and think about Lost and this ongoing discussion.

And then I'll see my two siblings who live far away (Amanda and James) and the two who live here (Chris and Gina) and my two parents. I think I might cry. (I will)

And then we'll run our little marathon (Gina made us matching shirts, so, get ready for that!)

And then we'll shop, people watch, and eat. What we do "best." Amanda's promised deep fried cookie dough. This idea has intrigued me for several weeks now.

Don't tell me who wins Project Runway! I'll be watching it later. . .

(Side note: Isn't it funny how much preparation it takes to leave for a short trip? Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but who are these people who just "up and go?")


  1. I hope it's so much fun. Enjoy these big (small) moments, and I have NO idea how people up and go. I have to plan for weeks how to get out of town.

  2. "Little Marathon"? That's right up there with "Jumbo Shrimp".

  3. This is so great! Have fun, get tan, and post a picture of the shirts. Also, try to beat Gina.

  4. But specifically post the shirts. Are the boys running?

  5. Please tell me Gina made you matching Hawaiian shirts (a'la family vacation 1982). . .please, please, please!